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Specialist teeth straightening with Dr Stefan, who is a consultant and registered specialist in Orthodontics.

Cambridge orthodontist

Treatment by Celebrity dentist, Dr Stefan Abela

Dr Stefan Abela BChD MFDS RCS Eng MSc MOrth RCS Ed GCAP AHEA Forth RCS Ed
Dr Stefan Abela is a Registered Specialist in Orthodontics. Dr Stefan worked at Guys and St Thomas’ hospital in London and as a head of department at Norfolk and Norwich University hospital.

He has been involved in the teaching and examination of dentists who are specialising in the field of orthodontics.

Dr Stefan has treated Bollywood a-listers and celebrities at his practice in Harley street. He now spends his time at Ely Smiles, where he treats both children and adults.

Dr Stefan has won awards for his clinical research in orthodontics. He is an international speaker and has published in renowned international journals, and the author of a best-selling medical text book.

Dr Stefan loves to work with patients to improve their smile and confidence. He is an expert in Invisalign procedures, as well as conventional braces. He also works with mini-implants, in patients who seek an alternative to surgical jaw correction. On his free time, Stefan is a keen road cyclist, and enjoys spending his time with his wife and daughter.
Dr Stefan Abla is the author of one of the best selling medical textbooks in the world
Leadership and Management in Healthcare

Other dental professionals trust Dr Stefan Alba…

In his world wide selling book ‘Leadership and Management in Healthcare’ he provides a comprehensive guide for the management of complex scenarios in the healthcare profession.

See for yourself why other professionals trust Dr Stefan Alba’s expertise and request your consultation.

Five star reviews from our happy patients

“Loved my treatment outcome. Better than I could ever have hoped for. Can’t thank you enough.” Zohra Eskander

” I really wish I had found this clinic before! I have only praise for Dr Milisha and Dr Stefan, I always felt self-conscious about my smile but now I can show it off :)” Sharon Wallis

“Fantastic very reassuring for a terrified patient talks to you explains everything they are doing would recommend to anyone who needs a great dentist thank you so much 😁” Val Tatton
“So please with the care and attention to detail and thoroughness I have received from both Dr Chotai and Dr Abela and can highly recommend them “ Carole Vincent
“Great results with Invisalign, well worth it. Thanks to Stefan and his amazing team! Stefan is professional and highly knowledgable, and my visits were also a lot of fun! Why go anywhere else?” Freya Freely
“I had excellent service from Dr Stefan. Really wonderful results without any issue. Highly recommend Newnham Dental Practise for affordable Invisalign treatment.” Alice Atay

Under bite

When the front teeth bite in front of the top teeth.


When your teeth become crooked due to lack of space.

Over bite

When your top teeth bite too far over your bottom teeth.

Open bite

When your back teeth meet but your front teeth still have a gap.

Cross bite

When your top teeth bite on the inside of your bottom teeth.


Gaps between teeth can allow food to get stuck, causing decay.

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Limited time offer, £1000 off Invisalign aligners and free teeth whitening

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Invisalign experience

Our results

Before and after
Closing gaps between the front teeth with Invisalign
Before and after
Closing gaps between the front teeth with Invisalign
Before and after
Making the teeth line up at the front and correcting an instanding tooth on the patient's left
Before and after
Correcting instanding teeth at the front and back

See your smile in advance

As part of your Invisalign assessment we will use the Invisalign 3-D smile design software so you can see what you’re finished smile will look like, before you even begin treatment.


This gives you the ability to design your smile, letting us know what you would like changed and how you want your new smile to look.


This 3-D virtual simulation has revolutionised orthodontic treatments.


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Limited time offer, £1000 off Invisalign aligners and free teeth whitening

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Invisalign experience


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*bite wing x-rays may be required at £32 each

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