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Here at Ely Smiles, we are pleased to offer our orthodontics services to teenagers and adults from our Cambridgeshire clinic in Ely. We pride ourselves on the attention to detail and great customer care that has made us a leading dental practice.

We understand that orthodontic work is a necessary but lengthy and uncomfortable process, so we aim to create a relaxed environment, offering the highest quality dental care, whether you need conventional braces, Invisalign, adult ceramic braces.

We know that when teeth aren’t aligned it can cause insecurity, but everyone’s face lights up with a smile, so we hope to instil you with the confidence to let your smile shine brightly. We hope you will enjoy your journey to your ideal smile with us. 

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We don’t have clinic visits we have clinical experiences. Visit us and you’ll see how we can give you the smile you always deserved.

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Where do you find Ely Smiles?

Our clinic is located near to Ely Cathedral on Newnham Street. You will find Dr Stefan and his team are trained to deliver specialist dental work, where we can offer great deals such as same-day braces. Rather than your regular dental practice, an orthodontist offers the specialist and unique care you need to carry out such work.

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-kathrine Broadley
-kathrine Broadley2/04/2018
-Ben Russell
-Ben Russell6/11/2018
On behalf of my wife – all round thoroughly excellent care. So kind and helpful. She’s just sorry she didn’t find this practice years ago.
-David Gould
-David Gould8/10/2017
Dr Milisha is both skilled and experienced in dental implant work, highly recommend!
-Tony Aneiros
-Tony Aneiros8/27/2018
I had invisalign treatment for 18 months and the result is exactly as promised at the outset. Dr Stefan took great care to ensure that I received a straight smile , the staff were really helpful and accommodating throughout. Highly recommend!
-Maria Cremona
-Maria Cremona8/16/2018


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Types of Braces

For adults, we offer a variety of different braces from leading brands, including  Radiance®, In-ovationTM , Clarity®, Damon®, Incognito ®, WIN® as lingual braces and Invisalign™ and Clear Correct™, offering alignment in a very discreet manner using clear trays. 

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Adult & Teen

We are able to provide a great range of options for teens, and adults depending on what is most suitable.

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We always make sure to put you first, which is the story behind our name. We will discuss what you would like to achieve and recommend what is best for you.

At Ely Smiles, our goal is to create more smiles in our community, so get in touch today to make your smile shine and we will be pleased to help make your dream a reality.