Fees can either be paid over the treatment period or with finance over 12-36 months.

All our services at Ely Smiles have a set price, which you can see in our price list, starting with our standard examination for new patients, which includes two x-rays. The good news is that you can pay for your particular treatment across the treatment period as you visit our client, or with finance within a set period of between 12-36 months.

Consultations and Diagnosis

We offer a range of services for diagnosis, along with dermal fillers for facial enhancement, and other facial rejuvenation treatments, specialising in teeth-straightening and more dental treatments. These services are grounded in orthodontics, with founder Dr Stefan a Platinum provider for Invisalign, passing on his knowledge and skills to aspiring specialists.

As part of our diagnostic services, as well as examinations, we offer hygiene appointments, digital x-rays and study models. We can offer single treatments of  dermal fillers and lip fillers, as well as professional teeth whitening treatments.

When it comes to the orthodontist prices for braces, we offer individual prices for the initial consultation, and you are charged per arch whether you opt for our teeth straightening services, or a fixed or removable retainer. Additionally, we offer sports gumshields and teeth whitening treatments.

In terms of straightening teeth with braces, you have the choice of metal braces, ceramic braces, aligner braces and lingual braces. Metal braces are the most conventional and traditional form of teeth straightening. Ceramic braces are either transparent or white, so they are not as noticeable. Aligners are used after straightening teeth, or for more mild issues that need correcting and are clear, whilst lingual braces work by being placed on the back of the teeth where no one can see them. Appointments that are missed or cancelled with less than 48 hours notice are charged at half the treatment fee.


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