Orthophos Scanner

Orthophos Scanner

Welcome to the world of Orthophos 3D Facial Scanner!

The Orthophos 3D Facial scanner is a revolutionary imaging tool that was designed with your comfort in mind.

This innovative scanner can provide quick, accurate scans of patients’ faces and heads in order to help diagnose any issues that may be present. The system uses three-dimensional scanning technology to capture a detailed image of the entire face, including all its contours and angles.

For patients, this cutting-edge technology offers many benefits.


With traditional 2D facial scanning techniques, it can often be challenging to get an accurate picture of the patient’s face or head due to shadows or other distortion factors. However, 3D facial scanning eliminates any potential for inaccuracies by providing highly detailed images of patients’ faces and heads.


As a result, medical professionals are able to more accurately diagnose a wide range of conditions from head trauma to skin lesions or facial anomalies. Furthermore, since these images are taken quickly, they can help speed up diagnosis and treatment times significantly.

Why is this scanner so beneficial to you?

Detailed analysis of what is going on underneath the skin which normally can’t be seen, allowing the dentist to have much greater diagnostics and case planning for the best result.

3-D representation of your underlying bone and tooth structure, allowing clear diagnostics and planning.
…due to better planning and diagnosis.
Allows the dentist to take accurate measurements from the 3-D scan, without intrusive dental impressions using impression goo
Results are available immediately, no need to wait
Safe and proven technology with radiation dose at 10 times lower than medical x-ray scanners
Pleasant atmosphere with ambient lights in 30 different colours, making it a relaxing process

What really sets the Orthophos 3D Facial Scanner apart from other similar technologies is its advanced features and capabilities.

The system utilizes specially designed optical components that capture minute details without having to move the scanner over the patient’s face multiple times.

Overall, the Orthophos 3D Facial Scanner is an incredibly powerful imaging tool that has revolutionized diagnosis and treatment for many conditions related to patients’ faces and heads—all while still being comfortable for them during their exams!

With its advanced features and capabilities, medical professionals can now obtain extremely detailed scans in record time which leads to faster diagnosis and treatment times — making it an invaluable asset in modern dentistry.

Frequently asked questions

What treatments is this used for?

The Orthophos 3D scanner will used with dental implant and orthodontic treatment pplanning

Is there an extra charge?

 Yes there is a charge for the scan. This is usually chargeable per jaw.

When is the 3-D scan offered in the diagnostic process?

The 3-D scan follows on from the consultation after you decide to go ahead with treatment.

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