Ceramic Braces

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic Braces Are a Transparent, Very Effective Teeth Alignment Solution. 

Ely Smiles offers you a choice between traditional metal braces and clear ceramic braces.  Ceramic braces are attached to your teeth using the exact same method as metal braces, with a ceramic bracket that is placed on the front surface of the tooth, and a special nickel titanium wires are then altered to help align or move the teeth to their desired location. 


The benefits of using these is that they are transparent braces or white braces making them less visible to onlookers. These braces also tend to be more comfortable to wear that the convention method of using metal.


Although metal braces are very effective in giving great results, and even have choices in terms of fun and bright colours of bands used to attach the wire to the bracket, some may prefer to make their braces as unnoticeable as possible with ceramic braces.


As more and more adults have decided to have orthodontic treatment, this has driven the invention of these ultramodern systems to straighten teeth such as ceramic brackets and Invisalign.

ceramic braces
The difference between ceramic braces on the top teeth and metal braces on the lower teeth can be clearly seen here.

Are ceramic braces right for you?

 If you work in a high-profile job, for example a teacher, in a reception area or in a restaurant, then you may wish your course of treatment to go unnoticed, until youre ready to reveal to colleagues and customers your brilliant smile and healthy teeth.


Ely smiles on the outskirts of Cambridge, East Anglia offer adult ceramic braces and ceramic braces for kids requiring jaw correction, teeth alignment and gap reduction.  

ceramic braces being worn

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Ceramic braces vs Invisalign

Both of these options provide great ways to have straighter teeth in the most inconspicuous way. Both Invisalign and ceramic braces can straighten teeth with most people not knowing you are wearing braces.


Generally speaking Invisalign is used to straighten the front teeth for cosmetic reasons, in some instances Invisalign struggles to straighten back teeth as much as many orthodontists might like.


A specialist orthodontist will often use ceramic braces because it gives them greater control over the exact positioning of the teeth, how they are moved, how they are rotated and ultimately the final result.


Specialist orthodontists will usually want to get results almost perfect, and may therefore prefer to use ceramic braces over Invisalign. The choice however is always yours and if you wish to have Invisalign, so long as you are aware of the results, this would be a good decision.

Ceramic braces FAQs

Ceramic braces work in exactly the same way as conventional metal braces. The only difference is that they have a ceramic tooth coloured bracket, rather than a metal bracket. All orthodontic braces work by applying pressure to a tooth in the correct place in order to move it.

The actual ceramic brakes won’t stain, however sometimes the elastics which attach to them can pick up  staining, however these can be easily changed by your orthodontist. In order to prevent staining we recommend you avoid strong coloured food, turmeric is excellent at staining braces!

Clinically, no, ceramic braces and metal braces are exactly the same. Aesthetically however ceramic braces are often more accepted than metal braces, simply because they blend in with your smile better.

You should clean your braces with a fluoride containing toothpaste for 2 min each time, twice a day. We also recommend rinsing with a fluoride mouthwash after meals. In order to clean in between your braces you might like to use either interdental brushes, sticks or ask your orthodontist for super floss. This is a floss with a hard end which you can push between your teeth and clean in between the braces.

No. You can however make braces look whiter by asking your orthodontist for white bands which attach the wire to the orthodontic bracket. If you wish to have your teeth whitened this will need to be done after your braces have been removed. Some orthodontists include teeth whitening with ceramic braces.

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