Getting started

It’s good to know  what the process involves for having any orthodontic treatment, our goal is to keep you educated and help you make informed choices

Initial consultation

Your initial consultation will be with a dentist who will assess your dental health to ensure you are suitable for orthodontic treatment. The appointment will last 30 min and will include:

There is no obligation to proceed with any orthodontic treatment after the initial consultation.

Orthodontic Consultation

If you decide you would like to go ahead with orthodontic treatment you will then have a detailed consultation with our specialist orthodontist.

Dr. Stefan Abela


Stefan is a Consultant in Orthodontics at one of the most prestigious London teaching hospitals.


Stefan has carried out research in multiple areas in orthodontics and is an active contributor to international research.


He has been recently awarded a prestigious award by the Norwich Medico-chirurgical society for the best research, and has presented on numerous occasions at the European Orthodontic Society conferences.

Which orthodontics are right for you?

With so many systems available to cover a wide range of clinical situations as well as life style choice it can be difficult to know where to start.


You’ll find our consultations are relaxed and friendly, giving you time to ask as many questions as you like.

You’ll be able to browse through a range treatments to see what other people like was wearing their orthodontic braces.


You will also be able to see before and after photographs to see how much your smile can be improved with each system.


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