Lip Enhancement And Fullness At Ely Smiles

Lip Enhancement And Fullness At Ely Smiles

Lip treatments nowadays have become commonplace not just for enhancement and an increase in volume or pout, but also for their anti-ageing effect. The great thing about lip fillers  is that results are immediate.


One very obvious and immediate effect is the increase in volume of the lips. This can be limited to one lip and most often both lips are done at the same time. 


Our lips naturally continue to increase in volume till our late teens and reach their peak at around 18 years of age. The volume in the lips with age then tends to decrease very similar to the volume in the skin and the rest of or body. The production and replenishment of our skin’s collagen decreases and as a result the elasticity and volume, decreases too.


Your lips are in constant use and hence it is not surprising that as we age this continuous use becomes slightly more obvious.

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Lip Filler Treatment Summary

  • The procedure of Lip fillers starts with a medical consultation.
  • Once agreed with the clinician, the procedure can be booked or done on the same day if you are ready to start.
  • A topical anaesthetic is applied for 20 minutes and you can relax in our waiting area.
  • The procedure is completed with specially formulated products and the effect is immediate.

The effect lasts between 6 to 12 months depending on your body’s response to the filler.


In total, the procedure takes 30 minutes and you can expect some swelling, bruising and numbness which fades away during the day. At the end the lips are massaged gently and your lips are gently wiped clean for a shiny effect. There is no recovery time and you can continue with your daily activities or return to work soon after.

Treatment Objective

Every individual’s lips are different and each person’s requirements are different. Some people ask for very subtle enhancement whilst other people ask for more voluminous lips.

The main aim at Ely Smiles remains to provide an enhancement which is harmonious and natural to the remainder of your face. This will produce a more balanced look, it will allow for rejuvenation, beautification, and correction if needed for a complete effect.


At Ely Smiles we believe that the individual’s anatomy must be respected. Below is a diagram of a nice example of top and bottom lips with the anatomy outlined.

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