Carriere® Motion 3D correction appliance

One of the main downsides of many orthodontic treatments is the length of time patients have to wear braces for. That’s where the Carriere® Motion 3D philosophy comes in which uses a groundbreaking approach that standardises, simplifies and shortens many orthodontic treatments.


Orthodontics, particularly Invisalign are often used for cosmetic purposes, but moving teeth for any reason at all will affect the way your teeth bite together, this is known as your occlusion.


The occlusion is a very precise way that teeth meet, it’s dependent upon the angle of the costs on the teeth, the size, alignment and position of your jaw and how your jaw joint hinges, any changes to the teeth can affect this whole system.

The Carriere® Motion 3D correction appliance reduces the number of Invisalign aligners required, which significantly decreases the Invisalign treatment time… This is done by tackling the most difficult part of orthodontics, the occlusion, first.


The Carriere® Motion 3D appliance moves the teeth into the correct biting position, once this is achieved the Invisalign aligners are then designed and created in order to move teeth into the correct cosmetic position.

This allows your orthodontist to address not only your occlusion but your total facial harmony, and is one of the main reasons that visiting a specialist orthodontist over a regular dentist is advantageous.

How long is treatment with Invisalign shortened by?

Typically, using the Carriere® Motion 3D will shorten treatment by a minimum of six months.

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Benefits of Carriere® Motion 3D correction appliance

This revolutionary orthodontic treatment treats overbite corrections at the beginning of your braces, when there are no competing forces like brackets or other appliances causing interference with compliance because you’re motivated and eager for change! With this new method completed on average 3-4 times faster than traditional methods (and without compromising quality), we can ensure your total facial harmony.

The gentle low force of the appliance makes it comfortable to wear and provides greater comfort. Treating the overbite or under bite first simplifies treatment while providing high quality care.

Unlike traditional appliances that use pressure forces to move teeth, the Motion 3D Appliance uses low-force principles inspired by human hip ball socket joints. This new design allows back teeth unlimited rotational freedom without risking over rotation and/or tipping.

This type of technological and advanced way of treating orthodontic cases is a classic example of why visiting a specialist orthodontist gets a more tailored and rapid result than visiting a regular dentist. This type of orthodontic appliance is not available at a regular dental practice and will require the skills of a specialist orthodontist.

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