Metal Braces

Metal Braces Are An Excellent Way of Fixing and Caring For Your Teeth.

Despite the fact that teeth straightening has been in practice as an exacting science since around the mid- nineteenth century, advancements are still being made and treatments are still being perfected in order to give you not only excellent looking teeth, but excellent care and support during your dental health course.  Although metal teeth braces are considered to be the more conventional braces used for aligning your teeth and correcting the bite, any gaps, or separating any crooked teeth, they remain to this day an excellent way of fixing and caring for your teeth among your Ely Smiles orthodonticsmodern methods.

Metal braces for teeth are used by attaching a metal wire to brackets places on the front surface of your teeth.  These brackets are then tightened or expanded in various ways to move the teeth slowly into position, removing gaps that can cause food debris to get stuck, and making it easier for you to clean all the areas of the tooth during your dental hygiene regime. 


Unlike aligners these braces for your teeth are fixed metal braces that are removed when your orthodontist is happy your teeth have reached the necessary stage of repair. The course and method of orthodontic care to achieve the results that you deserve and require, can be outlined and prescribed by our professional oral hygiene experts.


With a wide variety of methods available used in order to care for your dental needs, Ely Smiles can cater to a wide variety of budgets and dental defects, including jaw problems, overbites and underbites. When you discover the benefits and joy of having the perfect smile that will last for years to come, it will confirm that dental correction using types of our braces, metal or ceramic, was the best choice you could have made.  

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