Metal Braces

Metal Braces

Metal Braces

Metal Braces Are An Excellent Way of Fixing and Caring For Your Teeth.


Despite the fact that teeth straightening has been in practice as an exacting science since around the mid- nineteenth century, advancements are still being made and treatments are still being perfected in order deliver some of the very best results.

Although metal teeth braces are considered to be the more conventional braces used for aligning your teeth and correcting the bite, any gaps, or separating any crooked teeth, they remain to this day an excellent way of fixing and caring for your teeth, and are still routinely used in many specialist orthodontists. 


Advantages of metal braces

Metal braces for teeth are used by attaching a metal wire to brackets placed on the front surface of your teeth.  These brackets are then tightened or expanded in various ways to move the teeth slowly into position, removing gaps that can cause food debris to get stuck, and making it easier for you to clean all the areas of the tooth during your dental hygiene regime. 


Unlike aligners these braces for your teeth are fixed metal braces that are removed when you and your orthodontist are happy your teeth have reached the necessary alignment. 


After you have had your braces removed you will usually have a dental hygiene appointment to clean your teeth, teeth whitening to whiten your teeth and then have retainers made to retain the position of your teeth.


With a wide variety of orthodontic braces available, Ely Smiles can cater to a wide variety of budgets and problems, including jaw problems, overbites and underbites. When you discover the benefits and joy of having the perfect smile that will last for years to come, it will confirm that orthodontics, using a range of types of our braces, metal or ceramic, was the best choice you could have made. 

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Common questions about metal braces

It is quite a common myth that metal braces will set off metal detectors. The answer is, no, braces will not set off metal detectors. Metal braces are made from very lightweight materials and are so small they are highly unlikely to set off the metal detector.

Functionally, there is no difference between ceramic braces and metal braces. However cosmetically ceramic braces are often a preferred option. Ceramic braces do however usually cost more than their metal counterparts.

Orthodontist often prefer metal braces as they give a wider scope for treating different orthodontic problems. Invisalign can be rather difficult to treat severe malocclusion and problems with back teeth, whereas metal braces can treat these problems easily. Metal braces are often  lower cost than Invisalign braces.

In short, the answer is yes, however you need to be aware that metal braces will often have an elastic band. The elastic is used to keep the wire attached to the bracket and whilst the metal won’t discolour with curry, the elastic band most likely will. A yellow elastic band, stained from Curry will tend to make your teeth look yellow.

It’s not possible to change brackets, what would be required is to remove the metal braces completely and totally change the orthodontic treatment to ceramic brackets. It is however possible to use a combination of ceramic brackets on the front teeth at the top and metal brackets everywhere else.

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