Adult Treatment

We have experience to cater for both adults and teens with a range of different types of braces depending on your suitability

It is good news! You can have a healthy, beautiful smile at any age. There is no age for Orthodontic treatment and age should not be a discriminatory factor to stop you from having treatment. Orthodontic treatment, today is a viable option for almost any adult.
Like youngsters, adults can experience the self-assurance that comes with a confident smile, along with the benefits of improved
oral health.

Am I too old for orthodontic treatment?

You are never too old for orthodontic treatment. To date we have seen patients up to 68 years of age!

Do other adults get orthodontic treatment?

Yes there are an increasingly number of adults seeking treatment and they are “catching up” with the enhanced technology of braces that we have nowadays and wasn’t available at the time.

Can orthodontic treatment help me keep my teeth?

Teeth and jaws that are properly aligned are easier to keep clean through brushing and flossing. Correcting the bite (how the upper
and lower teeth fit together) reduces improper forces placed on the teeth and improves your ability to bite and chew and improves the odds of keeping your teeth long-term.

What if I’m missing some teeth?

Depending on what is missing, we may choose to move adjacent teeth together to close the space where the tooth is missing or hold open a space for a bridge or implant. We will work with your family dentist and/or other dental specialists.

I see ads for perfect teeth in only one visit - Can I have straight teeth in 1 visit?

You may have come across advertisements via numerous social media. These involve placement of veneers after “thinning” or
preparing the teeth to receive the veneers. At Ely Smiles we always recommend you to explore orthodontic treatment first as this allows movement of your own teeth first.

What about doing my own aligner treatment at home?

If moving teeth is done incorrectly, or if there’s a problem that you aren’t aware of, you may be putting your teeth, gums and the bone around the teeth at risk of potentially irreversible damage. Orthodontic treatment is a complex biological process. That’s why it takes so many years of education to become a specialist after qualifying as a regular dentist. The best outcome is one provided by an expert in the field. This is very similar to people who seek treatment abroad where the
standards of care might not be at the same level as in the UK.

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