Do I need Composite Bonding?

Composite Bonding 

At Ely Smiles we resort to composite bonding only if you have aesthetic concerns or tell us that you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth. This could be due to regular wear and tear with regular use of your teeth resulting in chips or cracks or sometimes gaps due to smaller teeth. We will always recommend orthodontic treatment so that you have the possibility to move your own teeth before resorting to composite bonding. Once the tooth movement has been completed and you still wish to modify or alter the shape of your teeth, composite bonding would then be the  ideal solution to help you give you the smile you always wished for. 

We have a team of specialist dental surgeons in orthodontics who can help you with the tooth movements whilst other members of our team will help you with the composite bonding. 

Composite bonding is a technique using composite resin to modify or alter the shape, height, width or colour of your teeth. It is a minimally invasive technique and provides a very versatile cosmetic enhancement. This enhances any results that you have obtained from the orthodontic treatment.

If you wish to have extensive alteration to the shape or colour of your teeth, composite bonding might not be enough and other techniques such as veneers might be needed.

Composite bonding uses a composite resin and the colour is matched to your own teeth as much as possible. At Ely Smiles we use the highest quality materials available.

Orthodontic treatment moves your teeth and composite resin modifies the shape of your teeth. It is used to correct the following:

1. Close gaps between teeth

Composite bonding is an effective solution for closing small gaps between teeth when you do not wish to have orthodontic treatment and would also like to have a very quick solution. The application of the composite material once matched to your tooth colour as much as possible is carefully shaped and polished to improve the shape of your natural teeth, ensuring a seamless and durable result. 

2. Disguise chips and superficial cracks

Composite bonding can be used to disguise small chips and superficial  cracks that are usually found on the upper aspect of the front teeth. This allows for a very quick improvement in appearance. The treatment typically requires two visit; a consultation and the placement of the composite bonding.  

3. Improve teeth shape and height

Composite bonding treatment can also be used to alter the height of teeth especially of the front ones. This will apply to you in case you have small teeth or slightly worn with use or diet.

You can easily contact us to schedule a consultation to find out how we can transform your smile. We are known to provide a  personal approach tailoring treatment to your needs and provide treatment excellence. You can do so by phoning us on 01353 667 200 or emailing us on [email protected]

If it is easier, you can also Chat to us on WhatsApp with +44 7447 767756.

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