Frequently asked Questions about Brace Treatment


We have in this blog, tried to answer some of the questions that we are asked all the time at the practice by our patients.

At Ely Smiles we aim to provide you with the answers that you might have before starting your teeth straightening journey. Should you not find your answers in this blog, please do not hesitate to contact us. We offer a free e-consultation via our website:


Question 1 . Do you provide invisalign in Cambridge?

Yes. We are based in Ely and most of our patients are based in Ely, Cambridge and in East Anglia. We also have patients that come from very far away as usually the appointments are scheduled in advance and are often several weeks apart giving you time to organise the next follow-up appointments at your own convenience.


Question 2. Are braces cosmetic?

Braces such as Invisalign or other type of aligners such as Spark Aligners or Angel aligners, or other type of braces can be offered for cosmetic purposes, however they can also be offered to improve your bite, close gaps, open gaps, improve your smile and the coordination between the top and bottom jaws. Braces can also be used to improve the results of other types of treatments such as before having dental implants, crowns or bridges.

Question 3. How long does treatment with Invisalign take?

In general, you can expect the treatment to take around 1 1/2 to 2 years however it varies from person to person and it also varies depending on what you are wanting to achieve from the treatment. If it is a minor type of movement or movement for the front teeth only this will take less time than if more complex type of tooth movements are being carried out. For many people, you’ll start seeing a noticeable difference in a very short space of time of wearing these aligners.

Question 4. Can retainers fix my crooked teeth?

Retainers are used after straightening your teeth to help them keep them in the desired position. They are a passive type of device and therefore they are not meant to straighten your teeth. They are normally provided once you complete your active teeth straightening phase so that you make sure that they do not move back to how they were before you started treatment.

Question 5. I have had treatment and I have one crooked tooth, can I use my retainers?

In this case, as it is only 1 tooth that has moved slightly, there is a chance that the retainers you had after treatment won’t fit however you won’t need very long and complex treatment to re-straighten this tooth. It would be best to have a new set of retainers, once this tooth has moved back.

Question 6. is Invisalign cost in Cambridge and Ely or other parts of East Anglia similar?

Most prices for invisalign treatment is the same no matter where you are. There will always be small differences between different providers however your choice of provider is based on where you feel most comfortable, familiar or where it was recommended to you.

Question 6. Does invisalign cure TMJ problems?

it is normal for people who are looking to have orthodontic treatment to have or are experiencing TMJ problems. We do not recommend that you have orthodontic treatment to solve TMJ problems. We advise that if you have TMJ problems and you would like to have orthodontic treatment, it would be best to get this under control first and if you are happy to proceed your symptoms, might get worse, improve or stay the same.

Question 7. Can I have invisalign for jaw surgery?

Yes. You can have invisalign if you are looking at having jaw surgery. For both single jaw surgery and double jaw surgery, Invisalign can be used before and after the surgery to have a combined approach with both braces and jaw surgery. We have successfully carried out many surgical cases with clear aligners and we will certainly offer you all the options of treatment before you start your treatment.

Question 8. Do I need braces for jaw surgery?

Classically, you do. Jaw surgery and orthodontics are normally provided together however there are cases when braces are not needed at all or they can be provided after the surgery is carried out.

Question 9. I have 5mm underbite can I have invisalign?

Yes is the simple answer. We have experience at addressing all the types of bites with Invisalign or other types of clear aligners. These are more discreet for adult patients and are usually the preferred method. We can also address underbites or overbites that are greater than 5mm.

Question 10. What are the most affordable type of braces?

Brace treatments whether in the form of clear aligners or other type of braces are similar in price. We offer an in-house payment scheme to divide your payments gradually over a year and we can also offer finance through an external finance company if you wanted to divide the payments over a longer period.

If you would like further information please do not hesitate to visit our website  ELY SMILES on or by phoning us on 01353 667 200 or by WhatsAPP on 07447 767 756.

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