What are Invisalign Attachments?



Smartforce Invisalign Attachments

Do I need them? What They Are, What Are They Made of? Do you need to drill the teeth? Do they stay there? How They Work, and Are they removed or kept there?

Invisalign attachments, are also referred to as Invisalign buttons or simply attachments. They are white or tooth-coloured small, almost invisible little “dots” on your teeth  which are usually placed at the start of your Invisalign treatment or during or towards the end. Attachments are placed by your doctor and they are placed in specific points on your teeth to make the tray grip better to your teeth or to allow specific movement of some of your teeth. They can be placed on one tooth, several or all your teeth depending on the position of your teeth. 

Invisalign attachment features were designed by Invisalign themselves to allow specific type of tooth movements and make the aligners more successful in giving you the smile that you always wanted with the expertise of your doctor. They work by placing a gentle and constant force on the teeth to move them as planned by your doctor. These attachments allow your Invisalign orthodontist to treat your case and other cases with ease using Invisalign trays and are now being used together with or instead of the conventional braces. 

Will I need SmartForce attachments?

At Ely Smiles, our house orthodontist, Dr Stefan will be able to place them if you need them. He will share the plan with you and discuss your plan at length so you know exactly how your tooth movements will pan out.  Attachments are needed with more significant and complex movements when up and down movements or side movements are needed.

Will the the attachments be put on all my teeth?

The number of buttons/attachments you need will vary depending on your case and on the position of your teeth. You may need attachments on every tooth or just a few or on most of your teeth so that your doctor can ensure that the teeth receive the necessary gentle force to move your teeth in the ideal position.

Will people notice the attachments?

Invisalign attachments are made from a tooth-coloured material which are glued to the teeth without needing to drill any part of your teeth. The teeth themselves are not touched and the buttons can be easily removed at the end or when they need to be removed.  They are made to look as discrete as possible. Some buttons may be more visible than others, especially if they are put on your front teeth. The ones placed further back are hardly visible.

If you have any concerns about how your buttons look you can always consult your doctor. At Ely Smiles, we do our best to place only the necessary buttons and as far back as possible. We also aim to make them the least noticeable possible.

How are SmartForce buttons put on my teeth?

The process of applying the Invisalign attachments or buttons is very straightforward and most times are placed at the start of your Invisalign journey. We will be showing you where the buttons will be placed so you know exactly which teeth will receive the buttons.  You will also be able to see your ClinCheck® scan with your doctor and your orthodontist will also have a sheet to follow on and adhere to the plan. Your teeth will be cleaned and dried followed by a tooth “glue” and the buttons are placed onto the surface of the teeth. Your doctor will use a specific tray for the placement of these buttons. These specific trays will have wells which are filled with tooth-coloured composite resin. Your doctor will apply gentle pressure to help the attachments stick to the teeth well. The doctor’s assistant will then use a special light to cure and harden the attachment material made of resin. At the end, your doctor will carry out any polishing as needed.

Will the buttons hurt?

The attachments do not cause any discomfort. Initially, they may feel sharp and strange especially when you are not wearing the Invisalign trays and they are rubbing against the inside of your mouth. You will get used to them very quickly and become insignificant. Your teeth might also feel slightly tender as your teeth will be moving and need time to adjust to the new pressure. This discomfort is a good sign and shows that the treatment is working. In most cases, discomfort can be managed by over-the-counter pain relievers such as paracetamol.

Can the attachments fall off? What do I do if that happens?

Yes, they can. You have to be careful when you place and remove the trays. Taking good care of your teeth, including gentle regular brushing and flossing, can help maintain the attachments as long as you need them. coming loose. Follow your doctor’s instructions and we will be giving you an instruction sheet to follow.

If one of your SmartForce attachments falls off, don’t worry – just call us on 01353 667  200 so we will advise you on the need to replace it/them.

How long will I need to wear the SmartForce attachments?

At the start of the treatment, we will be able to tell you how long you will need these attachments. It very much depends on your case, how your teeth are positioned and how well they respond to treatment. A more accurate estimate will be given to you once some progress has been gained and a better estimate can be made of how long your treatment will take.

When do I take them off?

Your doctor will take off your SmartForce attachments. We have specific tools that can be used to remove the buttons only without affecting the surfaces of the teeth. This is a very gentle procedure and you won’t feel anything during this procedure. It is considered to be part of the cleaning process.

Once your SmartForce attachments are removed, we will take 3D scans to fabricate your retainers. We will also give you specific instructions on how to care for your teeth and your retainers. At Ely Smiles, in Ely we want you to have a healthy and beautiful bite and smile for a very long time.

Contact us at Ely Smiles on 01353 667 200 or by visiting our website at www.elysmiles.com or by emailing us: [email protected]


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